Senzo Ueno

Director of photography
Born in 1982 in Kagoshima Prefecture. Senzo began his career as a DoP, mainly working on feature films, advertisements, and music videos.
He recently started directing as well.

List of awards:
Cannes, Clio, THE ONE SHOW, D&AD, New York Festivals, ACC, Japan Media Arts Festivals, etc

List of Clients:
HONDA, SUNTORY, NIKE, Adidas, Apple, SHISEIDO, UNIQLO, SONY, TOYOTA, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, etc

List of Music Videos:
Sakanaction, Young Juvenile Youth, The Fin, YAKUSHIMA TREASURE, Sam Gendel, Kenshi, Yonezu, etc In recent years, he has been actively filming feature films such as “TOWER OF THE SUN” directed by Kosai Sekine (2018) and “The Brightest Roof in the Universe” directed by Michihito Fujii (2020).
His personal work includes a series of installations of “minamo”; elaborate water flow, waves, and light changes, projected onto screens and natural objects.

List of exhibitions:
“PEACE OF WALL” a film festival of water in Wakayama Bagus (2021),
“MIND TRAIL” an art festival at Nara Okuyamato (2021),
“JOURNEY IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU” a collaborative spatial design at Harajuku MUJINGALLERY (2021)

Senzo is currently a member of a production unit called NION, which aims to produce a new form of film production.

He also established a label called “SHINSHUN” which proposes a borderless, low-calorie, and local-based film production. It aims to realize a sustainable society by engaging in environmental conservation, regional revitalization, and inheritance of traditional culture, but focusing on local culture’s connection across Japan.